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Total Gym Success Stories - men

Total Gym can help you achieve your fitness goals - whether it's staying fit, losing weight or gaining muscle, Total Gym can help!

Read how Total Gym helps these men in their every day lives.

Men's Total Gym Success Stories:

"Once I saw my results (from the Total Gym) I knew this was something I needed to recommend to my patients. I wanted them to feel as good as I felt."
- Dr. Colter
"I love that the Total Gym is in my home. I can get a 15 minute workout in very quick and it works out every part of my body."
- Mark
"One of the things I love about the Total Gym is that at age 61, I can still do the same things I did when I was 25."
- Tony


Ready for a lifestyle change? With over 4 million Total Gyms sold, we've heard SO many success stories over many years.

We want to hear yours too! You can even start your journey today for just $1.

More Men's Total Gym Success Stories:

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SHAWN LOST 177 LBS with Total Gym



“I’ve battled with my weight all my life. Using the Total Gym, I lost 177 lbs*. I can do all kinds of things now.

Before, when I was 338 lbs my children would always ask me to go outside and play with them and I couldn’t do it. Do what I did & get on the right track.”

– Shawn Peterson
KERWIN LOST 25 LBS with Total Gym



“It’s the real deal. The Total Gym has changed my life. I’ve been using it for about a year and a half & I realized that with my 2 small children I have to keep up with them and had to get in shape. I had the beer gut.

With the Total Gym, 25 lbs* just shed off my body and I felt so much better, I can bend, lift, twist – I can do so much more now.”

– Kerwin Ralls
ROBERT LOST 25 LBS on Total Gym



"You can do anything on the Total Gym! Now that I have the Total Gym I can’t live without it…I love it!"

- Robert Grey
DAVID LOST 23.5 LBS with Total Gym



""I wish everybody had one of these. It is so exciting to actually see a product that does what it says it does.

In 60 days, I’ve lost 23.5 pounds*. I’ve gone from a pant size of 34 to 31… to see myself in the mirror again looking like I do, is just phenomenal! "

- David Zimmerman
BRIAN LOST 45 LBS with Total Gym



“I’m embarrassed of my before photos, I can’t believe I was actually that big. I was riding my dirt bike and I’d hit stuff and stuff moved that shouldn’t.

I lost 45 lbs* on the Total Gym, working out at six to eight minutes a day."

– Brian Kiritsy
KEN LOST 50 LBS with Total Gym

Ken LOST 50 LBS*!


"I saw some pictures of how big I had actually gotten and I thought if I keep gaining weight at this rate, I’m not going to be around very long at all. I decided that I had to do something about my weight and started using Total Gym.

I was 278 lbs at my highest and right now I’m at 230. When I look at pictures and see the difference in my size and the condition I’m in – it’s amazing. I lost over 50 lbs* and I feel great."

- Ken Oveson
*Results not typical. Success stories lost weight by eating a reduced calorie diet and using the Total Gym regularly.